Do you want to write the letters and scripts from around the world, then pick from the list below. The message you write can be included in Web-documents and Email without using Graphics or extras. Use the “keyboard” at the bottom of these pages and copy'n'paste the HTML codes to your Email or HTML program. Try my Multi Language Virtual Keyboard where I remap your US-keyboard to write some of these scripts.
Arabic script. It is indeed possible for everyone to write the arab script without any fuzz or any special fonts installed. Do you want to write your name in Arabic, this can help.

ひらがな, カタカナ
Japanese script is a mix of Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. The word ひらがな mean Hiragana and カタカナ Katakana (I hope).

Greek letters. The name of the Greek alphabet, and you guessed it - it does say that in Greek; alpha-beta - αλφάβητο.

Georgian alphabet (Mkhedruli). A variation of Nuskha-khucuri. An ancient and beautiful language that is still in use in spite of 800 years of age.

Armenian letters. Hayeren (Հայերէն) is the name of of the Armenian script which is a variant of Assyrian with a Greek influence. 1600 years old, and charismatic beautiful.

ורמ - עברית
Hebrew letters. I guess that ורמ is the Hebrew way to say Alphabet and עברית (Ivrit) is the ancient language, 2500 years old.

Korean or Hangul letters. A relative new script, Hangul is only 500 years old. Beautiful and distinct.

Indian (Devnagari) script. A beautiful language that evolved out of Brahmi a 1000 years ago. Devnagari, the divine Nagari.

Chinese script is possible. The 20.000 characters are ready to script with two clicks at your mouse for each Chinese sign. Give it a go here. 写中国剧本.

Russian (Cyrillic) letters. Close the the common latin letters and yet extraordinary and exotic. The "и" is that a "n" or what? No, it is more like a "i".

pan-Ēŭŗôpěąņ enhanced alphabet
pan-European enhanced alphabetic letters. The alphabeth enriched to suit the many dialects in Central Europe and countries in the Northern Atlantic, including some Math symbols

Tamil script. This language is special and very distinct, and in use by many people in the Tamil Nadu province in India and in Northern Srilanka.

Thai letters. Oh it bring back memories of spicy Siam. Words that are a great mystery to me and have looong word that become entire sentances.

Peer Wandel Hansen

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