East Africa, Round Lake Victoria

In September '96 I went to Africa for 4 weeks with British based Exodus Overland travel and here is story from the journey. You'll find links to some of the places I've visited on the trip, and suggestions of what to see and what not to see. The description is divided into eight parts, below you find a map of Eastern Africa and the route we went.

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The trip takes off in Nairobi and goes clock-wise around the lake to Ngorongoro, Serengeti. Then across Lake Victoria to Uganda and Kabale and into Rwanda. Back at Kabale we go north through Kampala to Mt.Elgon and the Sipi falls. Back into Kenya to Lake Turkana and finally Lake Nakuru and some relaxsation at Lake Naivasha. Do also check out my awesome holiday in Brazil, USA, round Europe, in Egypt and Thailand.

[MAP of Eastern Africa]

[ Nairobi | Ngorongoro | Serengeti | Uganda | Rwanda | Sipi Falls | Turkana | Nakuru]

It all started with a headline of an advert I saw in the newspaper: "Rift Valley Explorer" it said. This called for my attention and imagination, the Birthplace of Mankind, besides Africa has always been a mystery to me. My godmother (aunt) died there (Congo) in her mid twenties in a car crash, when I was three years old. I only remember her from pictures at my grandparents and all the African artifacts that she mailed home, now hanging on the walls there, so I guess this was also a journey to find out

what fascinated her that much, to find out more about the sister of my father.

The trip there should be much more than resolving this mystery. My love for the continent grows and grows. And I can't bear to hear of the suffering of the beautiful people there. Africa will be in my heart forever. The scent from the savanna, the strong green/brown/red colors in the fields. The sound of wild animals roam around at night time, roaring. They all stay vivid in my mind.

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Here's a bit about the traveler: My name is Peer Wandel Hansen, I work for IBM in Allerød, 20 miles north of Copenhagen. Here are my Homepage and the rest of the w3masters.

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