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Here is a travel description of our trip to the US of A. In this you will find many links to places we've visited on our trip. Suggestions of what to see and what not to see. Below you find the route we went through the US.

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The trip took place in July/August '95.

It takes off in N.Y., Niagara falls, the Midwest, the Scenic route, Las Vegas, breathtaking Grand Canyon and end in L.A. with a trip to San Francisco and the last week back in L.A. On the site route50 you find a similar Coast to Coast story driving on Highway 50 all the way.

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[L.A.|San Francisco|L.A.|Grand Canyon|Las Vegas|Scenic|Midwest|Niagara|N.Y.]

Shehab and I had talked about going to America since we returned from Thailand. Not that we had any specific plans. It was just a out into the blue kind of trip. The only target we had was to reach LA in the end of July and spend the remaining two weeks together with Rajiv in California. Perhaps the old Human League tune "Dare" was playing in my head: Take a lift to the top of the Empire state, Take a drive across the

Golden Gate, March, March, March across Red Square, Do all the things you never Dared

The easy way to get across USA is by renting the car, but be prepared that it could be expensive. We payed 1600$US for 31 days rental of the car. It can be done cheaper I assume but we definitely had a good time with the huge Ford Taurus.

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Here's a bit about the travelers: My name is Peer Wandel Hansen, I work for IBM in Allerød, 20 miles north of Copenhagen. Here are my Homepage and the rest of the w3masters ..

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I am Shehab Zenussi.

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